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Atomic #30

Atomic #30

50 mg per serving

2 oz.

  • Essential for growth and physical development*
  • Supports healthy immune system function*
  • Plays a vital role in protein synthesis*
  • Essential for normal enzyme function*
  • Vegan


Liquid Ionic Zinc is a rich concentrated liquid dietary supplement that provides zinc in ionic form - the form most widely recognized by the body**. Our proprietary process ensures maximum absorption, while the balanced liquid form provides safety and flexibility. In addition, this product contains 100% of the RDA of copper per serving. An adequate supply of zinc is essential for growth and physical development, especially as it relates to proteins, fats and carbohydrates**. 48-day supply, 50 mg/serving of Zinc Sulfate.

Each bottle comes with a metered dropper which allows for variable dosing. Health care providers recommend different doses, depending on your needs. The metered dropper allows for these recommendations to be followed, where a normal tablet or capsule does not.

Value. Ionic Single Minerals come in a highly concentrated form that is all natural and Vegetarian approved.

Our Atomic #30 is backed by our money back guarantee “Feel the Difference or Your Money Back”, one of the best guarantees in the industry.

We provide you with the best absorption, value, flexibility and quality.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1.25 mL (1/4 tsp.)
Servings Per Container 48
Amount per serving
25 mg
Zinc (Sulfate)
50 mg
Copper (Copper Gluconate)
2 mg
70 mg
80 mg
0.1 mg
†Daily Value not established.


Purified water, Atomic #72 Blend, zinc sulfate, copper gluconate, and less than 0.1% potassium benzoate. Also contains 72 ionic trace minerals from ConcenTrace(R).

Suggested Use

Using the metered dropper, take 1.25 ml (� teaspoon) daily with juice or food to mask the concentrated mineral flavor. Do not refrigerate. Shake before use.

Allergen Info

contains no known allergens. GLUTEN FREE.

The health benefits of Zinc include proper functioning of immune system, digestion, control of diabetes, improves stress level, energy metabolism, acne and wounds healing. Also, pregnancy, hair care, eczema, weight loss, night blindness, cold, eye care, appetite loss and many other factors are included as health benefits of zinc.

Zinc, being an important mineral plays a vital role for the protein synthesis and helps in regulation of the cells production in the immune system of the human body. Zinc is mostly found in the strong muscles of the body and especially in high concentrations in the white and red blood cells, eye retina, skin, liver, kidneys, bones and pancreas. The semen and prostate gland in men constitutes large zinc amount. In a human body, even 300 enzymes or more than that requires zinc for the normal functioning. The researchers believe that 3000 proteins out of 100,000 are involved in human body consisting of Zinc.
A normal human body consists of two to three grams of Zinc.

There are organs of the human body, which secrete Zinc such as salivary gland, prostate gland and pancreas. Even the immune cells secrete Zinc.

Benefits of Zinc for Men: Prostate Health

Zinc has also been shown to play an important role in prostate health. Some studies suggest that low levels of zinc increase the risk of prostate problems and disease, although the mechanism isn't clear. Prostate malignancies have been associated with reduced concentrations of zinc and there's evidence that supplementing with zinc may slow down prostate disease and growths in its early stages, but very high doses appear to have the opposite effect. Obviously, zinc is important not only for male fertility, but also for prostate health. More studies are needed to define exactly how zinc affects the prostate and whether supplementation is safe.

The Best Natural Source of Zinc

Zinc can be found in many of today's foods, and a good source of zinc is oysters, meat, liver, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, whole grains, almonds, and milk. Zinc deficiency is very common in vegetarian diets, and this is mainly due to phytates which are organic acids found in the high grain content of vegetarian diets. These phytates bind zinc and render it inabsorbable. It is therefore recommended that vegetarians should use a zinc supplement.

Zinc is present in every cell in the body. It is a component of over 200 enzymes. There are high amounts of zinc in red blood cells, white blood cells, your bones, kidneys, liver, pancreas, and retina. Men have high concentrations of zinc in the prostate gland. Every cell in the body needs zinc to divide and replace itself when the body makes new tissues.

Here are two lists. One is a list of conditions that can occur when the body does not get enough zinc. The second is a list of conditions that improve due to the benefits of zinc supplements.

Not getting enough zinc can lead to chronic fatigue, dermatitis, diarrhea, hypothyroidism, female infertility, impaired platelet aggregation, insulin resistance, and loss of taste or smell. It can cause reduced resistance to infection, night blindness, poor appetite, poor memory, attention deficit disorder, and reduced learning ability, and it can cause slower growth in children, slow healing of wounds, and infertility in men. Add to this list Acrodermatitis enteropathica, Alopecia, atrophy of the testes, bone loss and osteoporosis, decreased sperm count, decreased sperm motility, delayed puberty, nerve cell problems in Alzheimer's disease and Down's syndrome, and ringing in the ears.

Among the benefits of zinc supplement is improved immune function. Other benefits of zinc supplements are adding calcium to bones and teeth, lowering blood sugars, helping interferon work in treating hepatitis C, clearing up bacterial prostatitis, and recharging the male sex drive. They can help recovery in brain injury, improve brain function, restore night vision, increase sperm count, and stimulate the libido.

Extra zinc can help bring out weight gain in anorexia nervosa and help children with sickle cell disease. It can even cure bad breath.

Who needs the benefits of zinc supplements? You might be surprised. The United Nations University found that 20% of people worldwide are deficient in zinc. Zinc in supplements is needed to prevent childhood infections and diarrhea and to support normal growth and development.

Think you're safe if you eat a good diet? Think again. Scores of modern medications deplete the body's stores of zinc. Any women who takes the Pill or hormone replacement therapy or medication to prevent osteoporosis is at risk for nutritional deficiency and may need zinc supplements. Heart patients, diabetics, and epileptics also need zinc supplements.

Even some supplements increase the body's need for zinc. Calcium supplements, magnesium supplements, and whey all can interfere with the absorption of zinc. Never take zinc at the same time you take these supplements, and always be sure you are getting enough of the benefits of zinc supplements if you take any supplements for bone health or muscle health.

What about side effects of zinc supplements?

If you take too much zinc, your body will have difficulty absorbing copper. It's OK to take up to 20 mg every 2 hours for as long as 2 weeks to fight a cold, but for everyday nutrition limit your intake to 15 mg a day. Zinc supplements can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, but only if you take about a gram-over 60 times the recommended dose.

How can you tell if you are taking too much zinc?

Here is a simple test. Overdoses of zinc numb your taste buds to bitter flavor and metallic aftertastes. Zinc has a metallic taste. If you can't taste zinc, you don't need to take it! The benefits of zinc supplements are yours with just a small, regular dose.

Deficiency Symptoms: The deficiency symptoms of zinc include

  • Growth retardation
  • Low blood pressure
  • Retarded bones
  • Loss of appetite
  • Loss of sense of smell and taste
  • Depression, rough skin
  • Weight loss
  • Pale skin
  • Diarrhea
  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue
  • White spots under finger nails.

Important Sources: The important food sources of zinc include meat based products. Other products like oysters, turnips, peas, oats, peanuts, almonds, whole wheat grain, pumpkin seeds, ginger root and pecan nuts.

Benefits: The most important health benefits of zinc are as follows:

  • Skin Care: Studies have shown zinc to be an effective home remedy for curing pimples or acne. It is even more powerful than placebo and consumption of antibiotic medication is still considered to be more effective.
  • Eczema: Also called as atopic dermatitis, is an inflammatory and chronic disorder of skin. It is mainly caused by deficiency of zinc in the body. Zinc plays an important role in healing chronic infection and assists the body in restoring its ability to heal properly.
  • Acne: This mineral is important for erasing acne from skin. It regulates in controlling the amount of testosterone in the body which plays a dominant role in causing acne. In addition to it, zinc is also concerned with collagen synthesis. This further aids in normalizing the amount of skin oils and maintenance of a healthy skin.
  • Wound healing: Deficiency in zinc causes delayed healing of wounds. Human body has several zinc dependent enzymes, which promote the synthesis of collagen that thereby aids in wound healing.
  • Prostate disorder: Zinc is very important in dealing with prostate disorders. Zinc deficiency causes enlargement of the prostate gland and makes it vulnerable to disease. It is advisable to take 15mg of zinc everyday, under close medical observation, when suffering from prostate disorder.
  • Cold: Zinc supplements help in decreasing the severity and duration of cold illness. It reduces the amount of proinflammatory cytokinesis, which is aggravated during the cold infections.
  • Weight loss: Zinc plays a leading role in weight loss and in controlling the appetite of the person.
  • Pregnancy: It is essential for the repair and functioning of DNA. It is hence, necessary for quick growth of cells and building of major constituents of the cell during the course of pregnancy.
  • Reproduction: In males, zinc assists in spermatogenesis and development of the sex organs. While in females, it aids in all the reproductive phases, including parturition and lactation stages.
  • Biological Functions: Zinc plays a vital role in many biological functions such as reproduction, diabetes control, stress level, immune resistance, smell and taste, physical growth, appetite and digestion.
  • Infection: Zinc helps a person to sense the taste and smell, provides an aid to wound healing, boosts immunity and helps in promoting the fetus growth. Zinc helps in protecting against the infectious disorders and fungal infections, which includes pneumonia and conjunctivitis.
  • Antioxidant: Zinc acts as an antioxidant and is basically involved in some of the biochemical decisive reactions, which includes protein synthesis, enzymatic function and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Enzymes regulation: Zinc is a component of a number of enzymes, which help in regulation of cell growth, protein synthesis, hormonal level, DNA, regulating the gene transcription, energy metabolism and other related health benefits of zinc.
  • Disease: In males, zinc plays a vital role in the prostate gland and prevents the early damage, which can lead to problems and disease.
  • Chronic Fatigue: People suffering from chronic fatigue are suggested to consume fish oil, as it is rich in zinc. The doctors suggest no other medications are required for curing chronic fatigue except the intake of fish oil rich in zinc content.
  • Alopecia: Alopecia causes loss of hair in both children and adults. Remedies suggested by the doctors to the people suffering from it, should intake a diet rich in zinc content. There are various capsules that are rich in zinc, so the medicines rich in zinc will help preventing hair loss.
  • Bone loss: It is a disease when the bones become weak and fragile. Zinc is a component of hydroxyapatite, which is a salt and makes the bone matrix strong and hard. Due to this reason, zinc content should be added in your dietary plan to avoid bone loss.
  • Night blindness: Consuming Zinc in about 150-450 mg will improve the vision. So it is always suggested to consume food like beef, lamb, oysters, buckwheat and crabs as they are rich in zinc content and will improve the vision of the eye.

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