1400 Wheatgrass Tablets

1400  Wheatgrass Tablets

Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Oxygen-Free Wheatgrass!

The Natural Health Treasury Wheat Grass is a gluten-free, dark green, leafy vegetable that is certified organically grown in rich, fertile soils of the Midwest, which have been found to produce the best wheatgrass. M.H.I. Wheatgrass only provides you with a pristine product that comes from winter wheat planted in the fall, allowing the plant to absorb minerals through a deep and well-established root system during the cold winter months. Full sunlight allows the wheatgrass to build high concentrations of chlorophyll and nutrients. Our wheatgrass is harvested in the spring after a full 200-day growth cycle, when nutrient levels are at their peak.

Because it is grown as nature intended in cold weather, the plants are still only 7-10 inches tall when ready for harvest. We harvest the leaf tips, where the nutrients are most concentrated. After harvesting, the wheatgrass is dried quickly at low temperatures and put into frozen storage to prevent any loss of nutrients. The wheatgrass is only removed from cold storage as needed for packaging. Finally, the wheatgrass is packed in oxygen-free amber glass bottles to prevent the destructive effects of oxidation through light, air and humidity. This results in wheatgrass with the highest possible levels of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals and ORAC value. These extra steps ensure that the nutritional content and flavor of M.H.I. wheatgrass remain at peak levels. Extensive in-house and independent laboratory tests are conducted from samples of every bag of wheatgrass at harvest and every batch of bottles. We demand superior quality in our wheatgrass from start to finish. Although it takes more effort to produce the most nutrient-dense wheatgrass possible, we are confident you will recognize and value the difference it makes in your well being.

The 1400 tablet bottle provides

Servings: 190 (approx a 6.5 month supply)
Serving Size: 7 tablets (3.5 grams)

The 500 tablet bottle

We only ship our Wheatgrass powder or tablets in glass. In plastic this type of product is absorbed by the plastic, and the plastic is absorbed by the food. Dehydrated cereal grass needs to be stored frozen or in oxygen-free containers to maintain those levels. Delicate components in dehydrated cereal grass deteriorate steadily in the presence of oxygen. Glass bottles or metal cans are the only way to seal in an oxygen-free environment and prevent outside air from seeping into a food. Unlike the few competitive products, The Natural Health Treasury's Wheat Grass, Barley Grass and Alfalfa are kept frozen or in an oxygen-free environment until one opens the bottle. The special seal inside the metal cap helps maintain freshness after opening. If you recognize you need more dark green vegetables but don't have time to use The Natural Health Treasury's powder in recipes, The Natural Health Treasury's tablets will provide you with an economical and convenient way to add more chlorophyll, gentle fiber and dark green leafy vegetable nutrition to your diet AT A QUALITY LEVEL AND PRICE THAT CAN'T BE BEAT

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